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Uplifted hands holding a bowl which says, serve the Lord

Chasing Jesus So As To Not Fall

As servants and stewards of Christ and His revealed word,
Christians are called to walk in the Way of Jesus diligently
and with humility of heart
and steadfastness of mind.
To that end, we are fine being regarded as mere slaves of Christ.
Titles, riches, or power are not our aim in this life or the next.

A rock church

Proper Foundations Proper Growth

Here we will cover the three basic things necessary for proper growth.
Three basics of proper growth:
1. The right mindset for learning & growing.
2. The proper cornerstone & foundations.
3. Doing the work for growth.

Growth through Love

We must engage in the radical love of Christ if we are to grow. Bible Verses in the order they are called: 1 Cor 13:5 John 13:3-19 Luke 6:27-30, 31-36, 37-38 Phil 4:8-9 1 Cor 13:1-3, 4-8 1 Pet 1:8-9